The Non-Existent "Friend Zone"

July 25, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Wine About it Wednesday
The Non-Existent "Friend Zone"
Wine About it Wednesday
The Non-Existent "Friend Zone"
Jul 25, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Lucy and Ariel
Don't tell people you were "friend zoned" tell them we just didn't want to sleep with you.
Show Notes

Lucy and Ariel discuss what the friend zone is and contrary to popular belief, it does not exist. The friend zone was coined by all the men women are friends with or vice versa that let's be honest, they just don't want to sleep with you!

The ladies also discuss how to deal with opposite sex friendships whether you're in a relationship or not. What are the boundaries? Does girl code rule out best friend code?

Listen to find out!

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